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Björn Noël Rosenthal

Bjoern Rosenthal started his career as editorial journalist at “Deutsche Fernsehnachrichten Agentur” where he worked for the interactive TV show NBC GIGA. In March 1999, he joined the "Web Production Unit" which developed all interactive online applications for the web site http://www.giga.de. Besides, he developed several interactive TV formats like “Nitespin”, “Uta TV” and “Ladies Night”.

In January 2001, he joined Deutsche Welle's Online department as task manager for European research projects. Lead managed by Björn Rosenthal, Deutsche Welle started his engagement in Podcasting in 2004 and became one of the most successful players on the German market. In September 2005 Deutsche Welle also started a Video Podcasting Service and was the first international public Broadcaster using this technology.

Since 2006 he works as Product Manager for the New Media Department and is responsible for IP based distribution of audio & video content.

Bjoern Rosenthal has been involved in several EC projects such as "I-TV - Designing, Authoring and Producing Enhanced Televised Content on the Internet and on TV", "Smartcast - Transforming broadcast content providers into "smart" broadband media organisations" and "MCAST – Multicasting Trial over 2.5 and 3G networks".