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Die kritische Masse

Rafi Haladjian

Violet co-founder

Having pioneered French telematics (Minitel) as early as 1983, Rafi Haladjian went on to found FranceNet , France ’s very first ISP, in June 1994. His intuition at the time was that the Internet, a highly confidential network in those days, was "history in the making". FranceNet became Fluxus in 2000, and was sold to British Telecom in 2001. After heading one of the Internet’s major French players for over nine years, Rafi Haladjian founded Ozone and Violet, another step forward in the great connectivity adventure he has been a part of for twenty years. In June 2003 he created Ozone, the first Pervasive Network operator Ozone is deploying a network, notably in Paris and other cities in Europe that is based on Wi-Fi technology. OzoneParis has undertaken to provide all Parisians, both individuals and corporate entities, with a wireless broadband Internet access. Ozone was sold to Neuf Cegetel, one of Europe’s leading telecom companies in June 2007. www.ozone.net Violet, Let All Things Be Connected Violet was created in June 2003. Its vocation is to develop technologies, products and services enabling still objects to communicate and become intelligent. Violet’s objects are of a new kind, they respond to easy access needs while adapting to each person’s expectations. Violet has created Nabaztag, the world’s first intelligent, interactive Internet connected Rabbit. Nabaztag invites the user to take part in creating the post-PC world in which he will live. www.violet.net www.nabaztag.com