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Sean Bonner

Sean Bonner has been putting things on the internet since 1994. As the creator of several widespread memes he has been featured in Wired, Wired News, The Register, The Industry Standard, CNN, Playboy, Salon, Forbes, ZDNet, CBS News, The New York Post, USA today, The Chicago Sun Times, The Silicon Alley Reporter, Yahoo! Magazine (Best of the Web) among others and has spoken on panels across the US about online communities and grassroots local journalism.

As co-founder of Bode Media Inc, he helped create the Los Angeles group blog, Blogging.la, the flagship site of the worlds largest hyper local network of city based blogs, Metroblogging. Based in Los Angeles, he is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at The Groop and recently consulted with the LAPD helping them get their own blog up and running. Sean recently returned from Vienna, Austria where he invited to be a part of a cultural residency program.

Previously he helped build the groundbreaking contemporary art gallery sixspace, ran his own design firm, and worked as Sr. Designer for Playboy.com and Creative Director for Victory Records while running his own label Toybox Records.

For a more comprehensive list of sites and projects Sean has been involved with, please see the More page, or check out this speaking/appearance schedule.