rp08 - 0.5

Die kritische Masse

Jesse Patel
Day 3
Room Grosser Saal
Start time 14:00
Duration 00:30
ID 250
Event type Lecture
Track Video-Subconference
Language English

Open Video, Open Society

How everyday people and tech innovators work together to use video for change

In an 'open society', institutions of power such as government and business are tolerant of and responsive to the needs of the common people. In this speech Jesse Patel will tell the stories of activists and citizens using video to make the societies they live in more 'open', and will relate these activities to the projects of technological innovators who are pushing for more openness and equal access in the future of video.

Jesse will focus on how Miro, the open source video platform developed by Participatory Culture Foundation (the organization where he runs Business Development), is laying the groundwork for a dramatically different, distributed mass media without the potential for censorship, where money doesn't give content producers an advantage and with the public interest at its heart.