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Die kritische Masse

Rafi Haladjian
Day 2
Room Workshop 3
Start time 15:00
Duration 01:00
ID 246
Event type Lecture
Track lauschen und rauschen
Language English

The Internet of Things

By Rafi Haladjian, co-founder of Violet

Violet was inspired by a simple fact: the rift between the virtual world – everything happening on the other side of your computer screen – and the physical world we live in is growing, and growing fast.

Miniaturization, the tiny cost of electronic components, and the availability of communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID now mean any object can be given the ability to communicate. In November 2007, Violet launched the first Internet connected Book - a real book equipped with an RFID stamp. This will be the springboard for the first mainstream consumer use of RFID technology.

In the coming years, computers, phones and game consoles will no longer be the only devices in our environment deemed worthy to be intelligent and connected. Gradually, imperceptibly, our environment will become populated with new types of objects, and our familiar objects will become increasingly open to communication.

Nabaztag was created to carry users into this revolution: to show the possibility of a world where PCs and telephones are not the only focus, the only gateway to news and entertainment; a device that can function without a screen and keyboard; an object based on the user's environment; an object that doesn't sacrifice emotion for function. And, most importantly, the Object Internet, like the Internet itself, will be fashioned mainly by its end users. Its new and unique uses will be created by the community, not by corporate visions of how we should live with their objects. Nabaztag invites the user to take part in creating the post-PC world in which he will live.

Violet, the Smart Objects Company Violet was created in June 2003. It focuses on developing technologies, products and services that enable still objects to communicate and become intelligent. Violet’s objects are a new breed that respond to easy access needs while adapting to each person’s expectations. Violet has created Nabaztag, the world’s first intelligent, interactive connected Rabbit.