rp08 - 0.5

Die kritische Masse

Sean Bonner
Day 2
Room Grosser Saal
Start time 10:00
Duration 00:30
ID 244
Event type Lecture
Track lauschen und rauschen
Language English

Taking Back Local Media

Blogging about local issues, on a global scale

At one point in history local media was just that, media that was created by, and focusing on the local. Over the years of consolidation of mass media much of the local reporting was moved to major cities and syndication took over. Thanks to the increasing availability of tools, hyperlocal placeblogs are bringing local reporting back to the locals. From Los Angeles, to New Orleans, to Karachi to London - local bloggers are proving to be a better source of information than any major media company could ever be. This is already happening, where will it go from here?